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Jun 22, 2007

2. Tomato. Tomato is an alternative to DD-WRT. It therefore provides most of the great features of DD-WRT. It is most preferred where a lightweight Linux based firmware is required. Just like the other custom firmwares, Tomato turns an ordinary, consumer grade router into a business grade router with an advanced feature set. Power off the RT-AC66U B1. Power on while holding reset button (I had to use a pen to be able to hold reset button in) Hold reset button until power light starts flashing slowly. Flash FreshTomato firmware using the ASUS firmware restoration utility. Clear/reset NVRAM again (same as step 3) It worked like a charm! Mostly. The gain is dBm transmit power from the radio. You have the option of setting this between 0 and 30 for your router hardware chip. RouterOS makes ddwrt and tomato look like vtech for ages 4 Jan 10, 2013 · TX Power: (see below) Afterburner: Off; Don’t be tempted to disable the WMM Support in an attempt to get more speed by disabling something. This is actually part of the Wireless-N spec, and is required for max speed. I’ve left a discussion of TX (transmit) power for last because there’s no consensus on exactly what these should be.

Tomato Firmware: Increased Transmit Power Does More Harm

Find support for your NETGEAR R6400 wifi router including guides, troubleshooting articles, the latest firmware updates, and much more today. In order to set the TX Power you need an older version of the Airport utility which is available here. Navigate to your base station > Manual Setup > AirPort > Wireless > Wireless Network Options. Once there, choose a transmit power that’s lower than 100% (you can choose between 10%, 25%, 50%, and 100%).