Monitoring this thread. We also have an ASA 5505 right now that we want to upgrade. VPN support, and higher throughput are the goals, since we're going to roll out an AD setup at some point this year. We're currently considering Unifi products, but I'd rather avoid them for our main office, if possible.

Cisco ASA 5500 Series Appliance VPN Performance. Model SSL/IPsec Scalability Maximum VPN Throughput Cisco ASA 5505 25 simultaneous VPN connections 100 Mbps Cisco ASA 5510 250 simultaneous VPN connections 170 Mbps Cisco ASA 5520 750 simultaneous VPN connections 225 Mbps Cisco ASA 5540 2500/5000 simultaneous VPN connections 325 Mbps VPN Throughput Calculations - Cisco | DSLReports Forums Jun 20, 2007 Replacing Cisco ASA 5505 for higher throughput : sysadmin

Cisco's ASA 5516-X firewall is a 1RU firewall intended for small to mid-size office environments and supports 900 Mbps of stateful inspection multiprotocol throughput, 300 IPsec VPN peers, 250 Mbps 3DEAS/AES VPN throughput, and AVC throughput of 850 Mbps. The ASA 5515-X supports 250,000 concurrent sessions, 20,000 new connections per second

Cisco ASA 5520 | cisco VPN capacity and resiliency can be increased by taking advantage of the Cisco ASA 5520's integrated VPN clustering and load-balancing capabilities. The Cisco ASA 5520 supports up to 10 appliances in a cluster, offering a maximum of 7500 AnyConnect and/or clientless VPN peers or 7500 IPsec VPN … Cisco ASA5505-SSL10-K9 Secure Remote Access and VPN Cisco ASA5505-SSL10-K9 Secure Remote Access and VPN, Premium VPN Bundle, ASA 5505 SSL/IPsec VPN Edition for 10 concurrent SSL VPN users (AnyConnect Premium-SSL VPN Edition), Maximum VPN throughput 100 Mbps, Maximum concurrent SSL VPN sessions 25, 8 port 10/100 switch with 2 Power over Ethernet ports, UPC 882658120121 (ASA5505SSL10K9 ASA5505-SSL10 ASA5505SSL10-K9 ASA5505-SSL10K9 ASA5505 ASA-5505)

I have a L2L tunnel between (2) Cisco ASA 5505's. They are running ios v8.25 and the VPN attributes are: 3DES-MD5-HMAC, Group2, Lifetime 86400, tcp-mss default of 1380 Both systems speedtest out correctly. Everything negotiates fine and I get a Main Mode tunnel that never drops or has issues

Aug 07, 2014 · ASA 5505 is a good entry level firewall that is more than sufficient enough to support 8 servers and has a throughput of 150 Mbps and has VPN throughput of 100 Mbps. ASA 5505 base license provides up to 10 inside hots (NAT’ed IPs) out of the box. This can be increased to 50 or Unlimited by applying Sec Plus license.