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Mar 28, 2020 · To understand Torrent trackers, let us have a look at the basic terminology used in BitTorrent. We will be discussing the terms peer, seed and leech. Peers. Peers is the term given to people who are actively downloading the same file as you. They have not finished downloading the file but are sharing the already downloaded parts with you. Seed Mar 29, 2019 · Look for downloads with a high number of seeds. If you prioritize your file downloads based on the number of seeds rather than the quality, location, or size, you may be able to download a similar version of the same file with many more seeds than the original that you were considering. Torrent Downloads. The big database and high quality of torrents make TorrentDownloads a great choice. With the large number of healthy torrents and incredible download speed, Torrent Downloads is a reliable place for numerous people. 1337X. 1337X also occupies a top place in the list. Founded in 2007, a full revamp of the 1337X site brought a Jun 19, 2019 · Seed is a person who has a torrent file open in their client (let’s say the same file you are trying to download) and the only difference between you and them is that they have the complete file downloaded already and are now “seeding” – sharing the file with peers but not downloading any parts of the file from others.

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Jul 03, 2020 · Torrent Tracker are used to help finding the peers and making a direct connection to each other so that Peer to Peer Torrenting can take place.Torrent tracker list is useful for this case because you can give a list to the torrent client software and increase the download speed of uTorrent because the more tracker it has the more direct connections and the higher is the speed.