Part 1: How to Clear Safari Cache on iPhone/iPad. Safari is the main web browser in iPhone or iPad devices. Every time you use the Safari browser on your iPhone to visit websites, it will always store images, CSS, logos, and other captureable data on those websites. After a while, there will be too much Safari cache saved in iPhone/iPad.

How to Clear Your Cache on an iPhone | Digital Trends May 14, 2020 Manually Empty Google Maps Cache on iPhone Open Google Maps and tap on the burger menu in the upper left corner (it looks like a series of lines … How To Clear Cache On iPhone & iPad: Easy Speed Boost iMyFone Umate Connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC. Open iMyFone Umate and click Scan (on the Home tab). Check the Junk Files and Temporary Files sections, then clear them to free up space on your device (we managed 4GB on You can also clear out any large files, and see which apps take up the

iphone tips google maps maps storage 2 The offline mode in Google Maps is great , but when you add in the data the app automatically caches and cookies, it can take up a lot of space.

How To Clear App and Browser Cache on iPhone or iPad Go to Google Play Store and install this app. After installation, open it and go to the folder that has your application’s cache by opening the Junk tab at the bottom menu.; Tap on the Clean Up Cache button.; After going over the caution message displayed, do by selecting Clean.This action will get rid of the temporary files from applications. How to View Google Cached Pages | Nektony

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To clear the cache, follow the steps in the "How to clear your iPhone's cache for Safari" section of our article, "How to clear the cache on your iPhone to free up storage space and help it run Google search thinks I'm a robot? - Apple Community