It depends on how strict your school is and what it's against, as for my school we literally don't have any websites blocked. BUT in School Library we have some restrictions as in websites that aren't allowed (not blocked) Here's a list of website

17 Ways to Unblock Blocked Websites at School, Workplace With those features on offer, we can access blocked sites. Using Web2Mail is simple. To visit a website using it, simply send a mail to ‘’ with the website you want to access as the subject line. Say, you want to visit ‘’, send an email with ‘’ as the subject line. How Do Schools Block Websites? | Synonym Schools can place websites on a blacklist using an Internet filter; blacklisted sites can no longer be viewed by students. Blacklisting is an exhaustive and on-going process and, while it offers a good level of protection, it can never cover the entire Internet -- some undesirable pages will always get through the blacklists. How to Block Websites for Your School Network The simplest way to block a website on your school’s network is with a web monitoring program, which allows you to block individual addresses as well as groups of websites. These programs usually allow you to set up content blocks for access levels.

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It does this all in order to hide your identity. If you want to know more about proxy websites then you can check out this article on the Best Proxy Sites For School. Now, let us unblock websites using proxy sites. Follow the below step to open blocked sites using proxy servers. 6 Ways to Unblock Blocked Sites - wikiHow Feb 07, 2020

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Apr 09, 2009 Access Blocked Sites at School or Work with Google Translate LPT: If a website is blocked on your work/school internet, you can use google translate as a proxy | Reddit via MakeUseOf G/O Media may get a commission Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) How to Unblock YouTube at School - Youtube Unblocked Sites Best VPNs to unblock YouTube Sites at School or Office. Hotspot Shield. The reason which makes Hotspot Shield the best VPN to access YouTube when its blocked is that it is completely free to use. It can easily unblock any blocked website be it YouTube or Facebook. It also offers Anonymous Web Browsing and Wi-Fi security. You can also hide your What are some sites that aren't blocked by schools? - Quora Stop searching for ways to get online - while on school property ! You’re in school to learn - not use social media ! If you fail your finals - ALL you can look forward to is cleaning toilets at McDonalds ! Use social media in your own time - not