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Music- Unless you have a Ipod, the PSP is also good for just listening to music. Pictures- Showing pictures on your PSP to your friends, and you can also set it as your background. Internet- The PSP internet is fun when you don't want to carry your laptop around. It can't support large sums flash, so no videos, no games, no porn (unless its How Do You Insert A Psp Game Into A Psp? - Blurtit Answer (1 of 1): Ok On the back of a PSP (the side WITHOUT the screen, where the round silver ring is) there is a small door. On the older 'fat' style (PSP 1000) there is a small slide switch on the top of the unit that says 'Open >'. Push it in the direction indicated by the little triangular arrow.This will cause the door to open. On the 'slim' versions (PSP 2000, and 3000) there is just How do you get A Internet on your PSP - Answers you need a WiFi connection and have to turn your WLAN switch on and create a connection, and voila. How to Install Games (ISO CSO) on PSP | Play ISO CSO files Dec 12, 2009

How do get the Internet on your PSP - Answers

Dec 26, 2006 How Do You Put Games On PSP? - Blurtit To put a downloaded game on your PSP (PlayStation Portable), you need to purchase the full game and then install it by simply extracting the files into a folder (which has specifically been created for this purpose) on your personal computer, opening the set-up file and following the instructions that will appear on the screen. Do you need to hack your psp to put games on your memory

How do you get A Internet on your PSP - Answers

GUIDE: How to Install Plugins on a PSP (Includes on how to