May 16, 2012 · The Good The WD TV Live features industry-leading format support and built-in Wi-Fi. Its broad selection of streaming services includes Spotify, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, and Pandora, among many

A few troubleshooting methods for the WD TV live streaming media player Netflix problem are given here. Try out all the solutions to resolve the issue. Check the firmware of the WD TV. If the firmware is outdated, then you might face problems while streaming Netflix on WD TV. Important notes before you start changing DNS settings on WD TV Live Player The DRM chip is a must to access American streaming channels on your WD TV player. Since WD TV players that are sold outside Northern America physically don’t have this chip, changing DNS settings on such non-American WD TV players won’t help you to access American The new WD TV Live Plus HD media player gives users access to Netflix's movie streaming service. Dong Ngo/CNET Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ owners got a taste of streaming Netflix movies awhile ago Condition is Used. The device outputs 1080p video over HDMI 1.3. It also streams over Wi-Fi. And users are increasingly looking for easy ways to enjoy the content on the big screen. I've even tried recording the videos at 720p- the WD TV units still buffer every few seconds. All three of my original Roku units (a few years old) stream these perfectly from the NAS. I am now going to try a Roku 3. If it works, I'm going to buy two additional units. >>>>> I have two WD TV Live boxes in other rooms. They are five-star units. Switch on the WD TV Live Hub Media Center or the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. Select the Services option on the home screen. Choose the Netflix app from the list of apps displayed on your screen. In the next prompt, choose Yes if you are an existing member. Else, select No to create a new account. The Live Plus HD adds support for one of the most popular streaming video services in America: Netflix. For the first time, the WD TV players are actually worthwhile purchases, even if you never

WD TV Live Plus Western Digital: Set-top box: 720p WD TV Live Gen 3 (2011) 1080p: Dolby Digital + Yes WD TV Play 1080p Apple TV (2nd) Apple: Set-top box: All Netflix Regions: 720p Yes Apple TV (3rd) 1080p Dolby Digital 5.1 Apple TV HD Apple TV 4K 4K Dolby Atmos Boxee Box: D-Link: Set-top box: United States 720p Chromecast: Google: Digital media

delaveganz May 27, 2016, 1:44am #4 As hinted, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3) is the version with Netflix support. The current WDTV Media Player product hardware is practically identical (just no LIVE on the front panel) but software is different - Netflix is one of the features removed.

The WD box's Netflix app has a built in network check tool which can check and report on connections to 2 Netflix servers. Netflix Server 1 shows ok, server 2 cannot connect. Never tried this before so not sure if dual server connection ever worked or if its a requirement.

After changing the DNS settings, turn the WD TV Live device off, then on again (using the power button on the remote control). Access the Streaming Apps. The WD TV Live detects your location and automatically displays the apps that are available to you. Use the steps below to change the location of your WD TV Live device. I have googled, forumed, searched high and low. I cannot for the life of me change the damned profile on my boxee and on my wd tv live plus. these are dedicated apps. these apps are built by netflix (i assume)..why is it not apparent on how to fucking change the goddamned profile. This means the WD TV Live has to scan your folders and keep metadata in that folder. The problem is this update process is not automatic (can be set to scan on startup), so if my WD TV Live is on and I download new files I need to manually go to the Media Gallery folder and click options and choose to rescan my files, which can take a few