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cisco - Unable to ping between router and routed port on Unable to ping between router and routed port on L3 switch. Why? Ask Question Asked 4 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed 76 times 0. I've got an old Cisco 2811 connected to an old Cisco 4948 L3 Switch. I'm trying to teach myself a little more about L3 Switch implementation. All I'm trying to do at this point is get the router and the raspbian - Raspberry Pi Direct SSH, unable to ping router However pinging the router responds with "Destination Host Unreachable". Additionally, the Pi can ping my PC and my PC can ping the Pi. The Pi can also ping my mobile devices. For some reason the router's IP address is the only address that the Pi is unable to ping. My …

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On the Command Prompt window, enter “ping -t” or the IP address of the wireless router then press [Enter]. Check if you are getting replies. NOTE: If you get a different response, refer to the list of common responses below for the description. Windows ® 7 / Vista ® Cannot ping static IP's or router | AT&T Community Forums Jun 02, 2016

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cisco - Computer unable to ping another over two routers Between router to router, they can ping each other successfully. Between computers on the same switch, they can ping each other successfully. However, when I try to ping PC7 to PC1 for instance, or vice versa, the requests time out. The IP Address of the Seattle Router is and Van Nuys is How to Ping the Windows Network Router - dummies Because most routers lack a Power button, you need to unplug it and then plug it back in. After the power is back on, try repeating these steps to see whether you can ping the router. If the router remains unreachable, you need to restart the entire network. The ipconfig command’s output lists some Tunnel adapter information. Feel free to Unable to ping devices - TP-Link SOHO Community Jul 04, 2020 Using the Extended ping and Extended traceroute Commands